What's the Most Expensive Age of Our Lives?

By: Kelly Meyers

March 6, 2018

Living life can be expensive. All the traveling, buying a home, starting a family, and getting an education add up to people spending big bucks. 

What age do you think we spend the most money? We have the answer! 

According to a new study from ClearScore, the age of 31 is the most expensive year of the average person's life. It's during this year of life many people were spending money on wedding, honeymoons, houses, and even starting a family. 

So how much is the average 31-year-old spending that year? About $60,000!

It makes sense if you think about it. Many of life's biggest milestones (weddings, buying a home, having kids, etc.) can happen close together, so the price tag grows rapidly. 

That means that they are taking the money from their savings accounts and also getting help from their parents to afford those big bills.