WATCH: Ed Sheeran Plays Hysterical Game of True or False

February 21, 2017

Think all Europeans are worldly? Think again! We played a crazy game of true or false with Ed Sheeran about a world famous city in the Netherlands, and let’s just say Ed is no Dutch master.

Wait, hold on, why is Ed Sheeran answering trivia questions about Amsterdam? You’ll have listen on-air for more details, but trust us when we say something cool is about to happen.

Until then, watch Ed’s interesting theory about the amount of alcohol consumed in the Netherlands versus the UK, whether or not Ed knows if the Dutch eat sprinkles for breakfast, and more.

He didn’t get a passing grade in our Amsterdam true or false trivia, but Ed did leave us laughing. Listen on-air all this week to find out why we were busy teaching Ed about Amsterdam.

Ed Sheeran’s new album, ÷, was just released. You can buy it now on iTunes.