WATCH: This Adorable Dog and Her Owner Give Us Serious Friendship Goals

By: Joe Hyer

March 1, 2017

Dogs are usually called man's best friend, but what about being woman's best friend? Meet Mary and Secret.

Mary has been posting videos featuring her 2-year-old Border Aussie, Secret, to Instagram for a while now. In fact, we are obsessed with these videos. After watching how close these two are, they've given us some friendship goals for our own lives.

Secret and Mary really seem to trust eachother.

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Secret and Mary have fun rituals that they practice at home.

Back paw cross paws--❤ I get so crazy proud of Secret every time we work on this, it has easily taken the longest of any trick we have attempted so far for her to get the hang of, we have been working on it on and off for months now to get to this point------ I really did not expect her to be able to do this when we first started trying, it is obviously a hard one for her to do physically, and she had to learn a lot of new balance. We're working on doing this with her front paws on my hands instead of the pole eventually---- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow my Pawtners @lilly.the.aussie @bluebearaussie

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The pair even work out together.

Did a little two person doga this morning----The second position has taken so much time for her to slowly build up the balance and strength she currently has for it❤ I love doing two person doga so much, we really have to work together to balance---- It was a great warm up for a full day of hiking and a long evening of agility classes-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow my Pawtners @bluebearaussie @lilly.the.aussie

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Secret, of course, helps Mary when she's sick. 

Teaching Secret to restart the heart--❤I saw a dog doing this in a freestyle routine and wanted to start teaching her!---- I doubt it would actually end up being effective in any way, but I think it's a pretty cute trick!---- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow my Pawtners @lilly.the.aussie @bluebearaussie

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But it's what Secret does for Mary around the house that is our absolute favorite thing in the world.

Secret can even vacuum the floors, and I can't even get my dog to sit on command?