VIRAL PHOTO: Where Do All the Missing Socks Go?

By: Kelly Meyers

May 2, 2018

I bet you have that pile of mismatched socks too. You do a load of laundry and somewhere between the washing machine and the dryer socks seem to disappear. And they never disappear in pairs. It's always one lone sock left without its partner. 

There's a photo that has gone viral on Twitter, and it seems to explain where all of the missing socks have gone. 

Your dryer likely has a secret compartment where socks and other random things like lint and change. Sarah Rose posted a photo on Twitter of Cathy Hinz's washing machine with a pile of socks pouring out of a hidden compartment underneath. 

Hinz's husband first made the discovery when he took a panel off the front of the machine and discovered misplaced articles of clothing clogged inside.

So when you get home today, you may want to find the secret compartment in your dryer and see what's inside.