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Study Finds the Age That People Are Most Likely to Get Divorced

By: Kelly Meyers

June 22, 2017

Remember when 50% of marriages ended in divorce? Now it's dipped to only 42%.

Some experts suggest that this could be because people are now waiting until they are a little older to get married. Of course, more millennials are not getting married. They're opting to just be in long-term relationships instead.  

So what's the magic age that we are most likely to get divorced? 

According to a study from ONS, the age range that people are most likely to end their marriages is between 45-49. I wonder if this has anything to do with the whole idea of a midlife crisis? Or maybe as that milestone birthday of turning 50 gets closer, people start to reevaluate their lives and make changes? 

Either way, it's interesting stuff.