New Service Offers Grocery Shopping & Fridge Stocking

By: Kelly Meyers

September 25, 2017

Heading to the grocery store to buy your groceries is so 2015, right? There are all of those meal delivery services that send you the box with all the ingredients to make an entire meal.

Well, now there is going to be a new service that takes shopping to the next level and it's from Walmart. It's pretty similar to other chain's, but the best part of no waiting in any lines. 

Walmart's new service would gather your groceries for you and come into your home and unpack them. Hate stocking your fridge? Hate putting all of the dry goods away in the pantry? Walmart's new service is just the thing for you. 

How do you feel about a stranger coming into your home to put away your groceries when you're not home? Obviously, there will be background checks, etc on the people hired for this position. 

This service is currently being tested in Silicon Valley, Ca with customers with smart locks on their homes. "The delivery person is given a one-time code to open the door and customers get an alert on their smartphones when someone enters. If they have cameras set up in the home, customers can watch as their orders are dropped off," according to the service. 

It sounds pretty amazing to us. Nobody likes unpacking groceries. Next can we find a service that folds our laundry?