The Nasty Tweet "Jennifer Lopez" Sent Mariah Carey

March 25, 2016
A tweet supposedly sent by Jennifer Lopez went viral, and that's not surprising considering what it said. A lot of the evidence has been deleted so believe what you want of the following:

According to Gossip Cop, Mariah tweeted:

Praying for Brussels. I’ve been strongly warned against performing there on Sunday but have yet to decide. I’ll let my fans know on ASAP.

Then Jennifer Lopez replied:

@MariahCarey ISIS only target places where there are a lot of people so I think your concert will be okay. Good luck hitting those notes!

Yikes! I'm surprised this got as much attention that it did. I don't know J-Lo, but I believe she's smart enough not to send something like that even if she did think it. Here's here response: Photo: USA Today