Move Over Selfie Stick, the 'Selfie Stick It' is Here!

By: Kelly Meyers

February 26, 2018

Tools that help us take selfies with our cell phones have come a long way.

First there were selfie sticks. Then there were Popsockets, and now Popsockets may have some serious competition. 

The new item is the "Selfie Stick It." It's a mount that sticks anywhere. It can attach to wood, glass, metal, marble, and other surfaces to help you capture the perfect selfie. 

And in the event you don't have a surface to attach it to, you can use it as a tabletop tripod that has legs. It comes with a remote button that allows you to take a photo without using your hand on the phone at all. 

I never owned a selfie stick because I just couldn't imagine whipping one out in public when a perfect photo opportunity occurred.

But maybe Selfie Stick It's will be all the rage?