Men or Women -- Who Spends More at Christmas?

By: Kelly Meyers

December 6, 2017

A new study focusing on our gift giving habits has found that prominent expectations for gifts fall upon men. 

Why is that? Well, women feel that men should spend at least $250 on their Christmas gift. In fact, more than 75% of the ladies surveyed expect the special guy in her life to hit that price point as they shop. 

Sorry, ladies. Men are actually spending FAR less than you want them be spending on your holiday gifts.'s research found that the average man will only spend about $90 on a gift for his lady. Meanwhile, the average woman will spend about $170 on a gift for the special man in her life. 

You would probably think that women want things like jewelry, right? Well, the majority of women who were polled actually prefer an "experience" with a loved one. Men wish to have an experience as well in the form of tickets to see their favorite sports team or concert.

Finances are one of the biggest things people stress over around the Holidays, right? This just furthers it because there is a certain expectation or pressure put on us when it comes to gift giving.

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