Suicide and middle-aged men

If you do nothing else, please read or listen to this!

June 11, 2019

Maybe you know someone who is struggling with depression. Maybe you know someone who has ended their own life. Perhaps you don't directly, but the suicides of Todd Tongen or Robin Williams or Chris Cornell or Chester Bennington or Kate Spade or Anthony Bourdain affected you deeply. 

This article (there's an audio version in the link as well) by Stephen Rodrick that was in May's issue of Rolling Stone magazine is an in depth look at the rising rate of suicides by middle-aged men.  Expect to be taken aback by the last few paragraphs. It it well worth your time to read or listen.

Another gentleman by the name of Colby Wallace has taken to the streets with signs of hope for those who may be in despair.

Colby got the signs from the 'Don't Give Up' Movement, started by Ann Wolf in 2017.  Both Colby and Ann were driven to take action due to suicide rates in their communities. 

You never know who is struggling. Hopefully, more awareness will bring more help.