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A Letter To My Dog

A New Book

July 12, 2019

A new book is out - Letters to My Dog - a collection of letters to dogs by their guardians.  One of my favorites is Kristen Bell's letter to her dog Lola:


The Matriarch of Our Family

Things you taught me: When we are around other dogs who are barking and yapping, you remain calm and stoic, which is a lesson that silence can be more powerful than noise. When I see the way your face lights up when we call dinner, I am reminded that food is something to get excited about! When people ask what breed you are and I don't have a 100 percent definitive answer, it makes me realize labels aren't important. And finally, you've taught me a very important lesson. Not matter what ... no matter what I do ... I will never be able to get your hair off the furniture. There are just some thngs we can't control.