LITE FM's League of Legendary Women Honoree - Rene Coleman

Presented by: Memorial Healthcare System

February 27, 2019
League of Legendary Women Nominee Rene Coleman

This week, Memorial Healthcare System & 101.5 LITE FM are delighted to recognize our 2nd League of Legendary Women honoree – Rene Coleman!

Rene Coleman was nominated by her friend and fellow nonprofit founder, Janine Lutz. Janine submitted Rene's amazing story:


"I met Rene Coleman in 2013, when I was having a Memorial Ride for my son, who I lost to suicide stateside after 2 tours in Iraq & Afghanistan. Rene was the daughter of a woman who was on the board of the nonprofit that was sponsoring my ride. Despite being pregnant with her 5th child at the time, she insisted on helping me with the ride. 

I remember thinking how smart and beautiful she was, as she was designing my website for FREE. I had never met this woman before. It was so unbelievable that someone would give so much of her own personal time to support a cause that she had no ties to and all the while giving her joy to see us succeed with her assistance. 

Janine & Rene - League of Legendary Women

After the ride was over, I decided to start my own nonprofit and Rene found out about it. She wrote me a full, one page letter on how much she believed in what I was doing. She wrote that she would like to work with me on a volunteer basis, under one condition, that she be second in command. I made her the Vice President of my foundation: The LCpl Janos V Lutz Live To Tell Foundation

Fast forward to 2019, and Rene has not only continued to volunteer with the foundation, but has helped us grow and gain national recognition. 

She handles the foundation's graphics, web design, event planning, fundraising, program development, advocacy efforts, and maintains an active position on the board all for free. More importantly, because of the hundreds of hours she spends working on initiatives and programs for the foundation, we have been able to save dozens lives and grow to a network of 600+ local veterans, as well as, expand to other states. 

Recently, she has been an integral part in creating and implementing Vet-Connect a program that works in partnership with police and fire departments nationwide to build a bridge between first responders, veterans, and community services reducing the risk of suicide. 

Rene never shies away from a challenge and always seems to find time to help with the foundation despite being a wife, mother of five, and working full time. 

She believes in the core purpose of our mission – To improve the lives of military and first responders – and she works daily to help accomplish this."


From all of us at LITE FM, thank you for all that you do to help veterans in South Florida and around the U.S.! You are a legendary woman Rene Coleman!


Each week, 101.5 LITE FM will honor a person who is touching lives and making South Florida a better place to live, as a part of our League of Legendary Women. Do you know a Legendary Woman? Tell us about her here.

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