Meet LITE FM’s Latest League of Legendary Women Honoree, Maria Perez

Presented by: Memorial Healthcare System

May 3, 2019

Hi, it’s Julie Guy and Tamara G! LITE FM and Memorial Healthcare System are proud to honor our latest Legendary Woman - Dr. Maria Perez.

Here is her inspiring story that was submitted:

Dr. Maria Perez is wholeheartedly committed to improving the well-being of nurses, the South Florida community, as well as, other international communities.  She has dedicated her life to holistic healing. 

Dr. Perez has volunteered for multiple global, public health missions, including Argentina in 2017 and Spain in 2019. While there, she helped the under-served Latino communities.

She is a perfect fit for LITE FM’s League of Legendary Women because she is a great leader and a role model. Dr. Perez is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, serving on the board of the Miami Chapter; And a member of the POWERHOUSE, an organization that advocates for Human Trafficking and Missing Children. She has also worked with Pfizer to help implement a grant for Pneumococcal vaccination awareness to reach the 65+ or older Hispanic community. 

Truly, her dedication and commitment to her community is Legendary.


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