LITE FM's League of Legendary Women Honoree - Ana Bueno

Presented by: Memorial Healthcare System

March 13, 2019

Here's an amazing story! This week, Memorial Healthcare System & 101.5 LITE FM are honored to recognize this week's League of Legendary Women honoree – Ana Bueno!

Ana was nominated by her friend & fellow volunteer, Chris. Here is the story he submitted:


"I am nominating one of the most inspirational women that I have ever met... Ana Bueno, who is the founder of Paws 2 Care Coalition, a small dog rescue in Hollywood, FL.

She has been doing this for many years, fostering many dogs at her own home, while running a daycare center right next to the shelter. 

Ana works all day long taking care of others. Through Paws 2 Care Coalition, she rescues small dogs (and pretty much any dog... No matter how sick or old they are) and makes them better, then Ana finds them wonderful, loving, forever homes. 

2 years ago, right before Christmas, Ana woke up and had no feeling from her neck down. She was taken to Memorial Hospital and they found that she had a severe problem with her neck from lifting dogs and dog food for so many years. Ana is a short woman, she's only 4”11 and had been doing a ton of strenuous activity.

She needed to have immediate surgery to make sure that she would be able to walk again. All of her volunteers, including me, chipped in to help Ana, until she felt she was able to walk again. And even then, she was not allowed to lift anything anymore. 

Ana has saved so many dogs over the years and helped make them healthy and happy. Through her dedication, passion, and in her fight every day to make sure that she helps every dog that she can, she almost gave up her ability to walk and move.

She is truly what I think a LEGENDARY woman is!! Please let her know how much she is appreciated and loved!"

Thank you for making a difference in our community Ana Bueno by rescuing helpless pets throughout South Florida! You are an inspiration and a truly legendary woman!



Each week, 101.5 LITE FM will honor a person who is touching lives and making South Florida a better place to live, as a part of our League of Legendary Women. Do you know a Legendary Woman? Tell us about her here.

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