LITE FM's League of Legendary Women Honoree - Vanessa Janvier!

Presented by: Memorial Healthcare System

April 6, 2020
League of Legendary Women

101.5 LITE FM and Memorial Healthcare System are proud to announce our latest Legendary Woman!

It’s Vanessa Janvier.  Vanessa is a proud member of the Divas Destined for Greatness Organization.  Divas is a mentoring program for teenage girls, helping them develop a sense of self-worth, good character and confidence.

Vanessa is a big sister in the organization to Shaiera, and shared the below about the purposeful fun they have together:

“Divas Destined for Greatness is such an honorable program that uplifts the younger generation of women to be held accountable to live life with a purpose both spiritually and academically.

The pressure on young women to succeed is a major opportunity we feel we can’t afford to fail. I have a responsibly to show up and push open the door for all young black women. As a big sister it is my responsibility to listen with the intent to understand. I also encourage Shaiera to enjoy her youth without judgement. We take fun trips to pop up museums, explore various seafood restaurants, and get ice cream wasted when we can. I also bring her into my world in the travel industry but in a fun way.”

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Congratulations, Vanessa!  You’re the newest member of LITE FM’s League of Legendary Women

Do you know someone making a difference?  There are SO many truly legendary women out there right now keeping all of us safe.  From healthcare professionals to retail teams to our first responders. Tell us about her HERE