Habitat for Humanity: Marcia Berry Smith joins Julie Guy & Tamara G.

August 23, 2018

Marcia Berry Smith from Habitat for Humanity Broward joined Julie Guy & Tamara G. to share some exciting news for Broward families in need of secure housing. 

Habitat for Humanity is building 77 new homes in Pomano and is seeking qualified families to move in to these new homes and experience home ownership for the first time.

On September 5th at 12:01 am, go to HabitatBroward.org to see open enrollment and applications for Broward County residents who are interested in owning a home for their first time! Prequalifying open enrollment will begin on September 5th and will continue to September 19th.

These 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom or two-story 4 bedroom homes are being prepared for families who need them most! Families will go through a process to secure a home loan with ZERO percent interest!

Visit HabitatBroward.org to find out more and share this page on social media to spread the word!