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John Mayer Drops Heartfelt Breakup Track "Still Feel Like Your Man"

By: Joe Hyer

February 24, 2017

John Mayer continues to share real (and very raw) emotions with four new tracks he released on Friday. These tracks came just as promised for February because Mayer is releasing four tracks per month before the spring release of his upcoming album, The Search for Everything.

Mayer, who split with pop singer Katy Perry in 2014, says that the feelings he experienced after that breakup played an autobiographical role in the music on his newest album. "I actually, for the first time in my life, believe I recorded exactly what I was feeling," he told Rolling Stone earlier this year.

The new tracks released today include “Still Feel Like Your Man,” which Mayer shared with Rolling Stone that this song had “lyrics blowing out of it from every corner."

In fact, almost anyone who has ever pined over their ex can relate the raw emotions in these lyrics:

I still keep your shampoo in my shower, in case you wanna wash your hair
And I know that you probably found yourself someone somewhere
But I do not really care, cause as long as it is there
I still feel like your man, Still feel like your man

Mayer stopped by the Ellen Show on Friday (February 24) to promote the album, and he performed another track from the upcoming release titled “Moving On and Getting Over.”

Mayer’s album, The Search for Everything, will be released on April 14. He is currently on the Search for Everything Tour, which just announced dates through the end of the summer