WATCH: 5-Year-Old Boy Tries to Warn Local Police About The Grinch Stealing Christmas

The local police department had a little fun with the child's call too

December 20, 2017

© Xinhua, USA Today

It can be traumatic to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, right? There are points in the movie where you get worried that the Grinch may ACTUALLY be able to steal Christmas.

For five-year-old TyLon Pittman, of Byram, Mississippi, this was true earlier this month. He became so worried while watching of the Grinch on YouTube that he called 911.

Christmas being stolen would have made for QUITE an emergency. Of course, 911 IS for emergencies, right? TyLon’s dad quickly came to the phone to apologize.

Later in the evening, however, a police officer stopped by the house to let him know that Christmas will be safe. The local police department did not let the fun end there.

TyLon and and his family were invited to tour the police station on Monday, where the cops had “arrested” a real-life Grinch. That should go a long way towards putting the five-year-old boy's mind at ease. 

The family tells local media that they have had a lot of fun, but they have talked with the five-year-old boy about when it is OK to call 911.