Three Foods You Should Apparently Cook on The Grill

The list includes hamburgers?!

June 22, 2017


Summer is here, but apparently, the experts say you should NOT put burgers on the grill. What?!

Apparently, we have been grilling wrong this whole time, according to the experts that spoke to. They've compiled a list of foods that you should NOT be putting on the grill.Their list of foods you should never put on the grill includes:

  • Filet Mignon - Experts say that the meat won't get the same caramelization that a fatty steak may have on the grill. You're best off cooking this one in a pan.
  • Salmon - The fatty oils in the fish can leave it very dry when it is grilled, they say.
  • Burgers - A Nashville-based chef told Bloomberg that you should not grill a hamburger. Apparently, if you grill the burger, you're not able to "re-use the fat" to create a "caramelized crust." 

What else is on the list? Pork chops, shish kebab, pizza and more are also foods you should not grill, they say.

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