PHOTOS: Canadian Man Mows His Lawn During Tornado

June 5, 2017

Victor Zastol`skiy |

What do you do when a tornado is nearby? Like, we mean what do you when a tornado is like REALLY close to your house? Well, you mow your lawn, apparently. 

This photo of a Canadian man mowing his lawn as a tornado can be seen rumbling towards him was shared thousands of times on social media this weekend. 

The man in the Friday's photograph is Theunis Wessels of Alberta, Canada.

His wife, Cecilla, says that mowing the lawn was on Theunis' "to do list" Friday evening. She went to take a nap, but she says that her 9-year-old daughter woke her up because she was worried about her dad staying outside during the storm. Cecilla took a photo, and then she shared it on her social media accounts. 

Theunis says, however,  that the photo made the storm look more ominous than it actually was. He told the Times Columnist that the tornado was pretty far away, but he was "keeping an eye on it" as he mowed the lawn.