LOOK: Netflix Trolls Fans of a Christmas Love Story

December 13, 2017

Hey, Netflix! Don't judge us. 

The streaming giant sent out a message this week that seemed to roast fans of a new holiday film. 

The popular service tweeted about the 53 users who have watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days:

Actually, it's OK. This is pretty judgment worthy. 53 times? A Christmas Prince isn't Love Actually, people. That's a movie we could TOTALLY watch for 18 days straight. 

By the way, A Christmas Prince has been at the top of MANY Netflix users pages this holiday season. In fact, I know it's been on the top of my recommended videos all month. It makes sense too since it is a Netflix original. Who doesn't love a film featuring a festive, holiday love story? 

Some users expressed concerns with how the streaming giant was trolling users with that kind of data.

We all KNEW Netflix could be able to watch our viewing habits. After all, that is HOW it knows what movies and TV shows to recommend that we watch. 

If you don't want to be judged there's always The Hallmark Channel holiday movies, which are ALWAYS on (and super predictable).