If Mom Received An Annual Salary, What Would She Make?

By: Kelly Meyers

May 12, 2017

Mother's Day is this weekend. Hopefully, you already have something fabulous planned to celebrity the special day.

Being a mom is hard work (like really, really hard). They are the jack of all trades. They play the role of nurse, janitor, cleaning lady, chef, driver, teacher, etc. 

If a mother was paid for all of the work she put into in one year how much do you think she should get paid? A mother's job is 24/7 with really no days off for vacation or sick time. 

Well, Salary.com has come up with a figure on what mom should get paid for all of the jobs she does

It's estimated that a stay-at-home mom works about 100 hours a week. Of course, women that work outside of the home then they do the whole "mother thing" at home are working a LOT of hours.

So a mother's base salary would break down to $37,022. In the grand scheme of things, that is not a lot of money. However, if we factor in the overtime she would earn an extra $75,941. So the yearly take home goes up to $115,432 per year.

... That still doesn't seem like much for all the different hats she wears and all those hours that she puts in.