How many times did you say 'Hurry Up" to your kids this year?

May 29, 2019
Saying 'hurry up' to kids is not working


How many times do you say 'hurry up' to your kids each morning? I've lost count, but a recent survey finds on average parents will have asked their kids to hurry up almost 540 times. And of course they've heard it like once or twice.  On average we need to remind our kids at least twice to get dressed, brush their teeth and put on their shoes. Otherwise, they'd be staring at their goldfish or cat or something.  Because of our crazed morning routines of trying to get our kids off to school on time, many of us resort to doing our personal grooming on the way to work.  Take heart, school is almost over.  Then it's a rush to get them off to camp. Argh.