Furry Fursday: Meet Samson!

This gentle giant was given a second chance

August 17, 2017

Meet Samson!

Samson is the epitome of the expression “gentle giant” whose heart is as big as he is! Saved by the Second Chance Fund, this three-year-old Mastiff loves to run, jump, and play - but his favorite thing to do is cuddle up to people and make them feel loved. He is a favorite among the volunteers and staff at the shelter for being such a sweet boy. Get ready for your heart to melt when this precious boy rests his head on your lap, as this is his way of saying he loves you and never wants you to leave his side. Samson adores having the companionship of someone who loves him, and he promises to love you unconditionally in return. He is the definition of a loyal companion, and is faithfully waiting for you here at the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center today.



‘Big Dogs Snuggle More’ and Are Looking for Homes!

Ready, set, snuggle! Samson is pictured with the “Big Dogs Snuggle More” campaign spokesperson and NFL star, Nick Moody. This campaign is geared toward helping large, long-time residents at the Humane Society of Greater Miami find their perfect forever families. The Humane Society has many cats and dogs available for adoption every day. At the moment, however, there is an overabundance of large dogs just like Samson in need of homes. Some of these large dogs have been at the shelter for more than a year and are still waiting to meet their forever families. These dogs have amazing personalities! The shelter has a great variety: some are playful and energetic, some are calm and sweet, and some are couch potatoes who just want to lay by your side- and everything in between! They just need families who will understand their needs as large dogs, and of course, who are ready for some big snuggles!

Take a look at Samson and the rest of the Big Dogs Snuggle More “Starting Line-up” on their website at http://www.humanesocietymiami.org/big-dogs-snuggle-more/

One big contributor to large dogs constantly being surrendered to the shelter: people will adopt dogs as puppies without considering the size the puppy will reach once he/she is full grown. Therefore, once the puppy is too large to handle, the owners surrender them to the shelter. How can we prevent this? Spaying and neutering plays a key role in preventing unwanted litters from being born and ending up homeless. But we can only do it together as a community! Please help spread the word about the animals that so desperately need homes and about the services available in your community to fix your pet.