Furry Fursday: Meet Rex!

From stray to shelter, give this little man a sweet home

March 31, 2016

Meet Rex, a two-year-old Chihuahua mix with a sweet personality. Rex was found as a stray, so he longs deeply for a forever human companion. If you visit the shelter, you will see Rex seated right by the door, looking through the glass. He is a calm little fellow who longs for hugs and pets and lots of love. He gets along great with his doggie roommates, but what he really wishes for is a human family he can finally call his own.


Kitten Season and our Kitten Baby Shower! 

At the Humane Society of Greater Miami, there are constantly kitties brought to our shelter in need of attention and forever homes. However, there is a specific time of year when the number of kittens (many neonatal - under six weeks of age) increases significantly. This time is what we refer to as “Kitten Season” and it occurs around early spring through late fall. These kittens are so young that they require more attention and care than older kittens and cats and, thus, need foster care. Foster care is necessary to keep all of these kitties alive and in good health and we need as many foster parents as possible. Our foster care program prepares all foster parents in every way possible to give them the necessary materials and knowledge about caring for the kittens while they grow and develop in their homes. We will teach foster parents how to bottle feed, what needs the kittens have and how to properly care for them during the crucial time in their lives. We also supply the foster parents with the necessary supplies like blankets, bottles, formula, etc.


In addition, every first Sunday of the month at 3:00PM, the Humane Society of Greater Miami will be holding a “Kitten Baby Shower” where new fosters will learn all that they need to know in order to properly care for neonatal kittens. Get ready to become part of one of the most rewarding, life-saving teams in your community! Join us this Sunday, April 3rd!


Becoming a foster parent can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. To know that you have contributed to saving the life of an animal that otherwise may not have had a chance is a rewarding feeling that you will never forget. Help us help more animals by becoming a foster parent. Email foster@humanesocietymiami.org or call 305-749-1821 for more information.