Furry Fursday: Meet Major!

Affectionate, loyal and playful

May 4, 2017

Meet Major!

Major is a one-year-old Terrier mix who was transferred to the Humane Society from Miami-Dade Animals Services after being found as a stray. Major is “majorly” into hugs and kisses! Talk about an affectionate doggie, this guy will great you with the biggest hug and then smother you with countless kisses. His large size makes his hugs perfect- warming you and making you never want to let go. Major is an awesome doggie to have by your side. He is not only a total love bug, but he is also a playful, loyal companion who will be your workout buddy and your best friend – forever!


Properly Identifying your Pet

Like Major, many pets are lost every day.  Unfortunately Major had no collar on and no microchip, so that makes it very difficult to find his owners.  All pets, including indoor dogs and cats, need to wear collars with city licenses' and rabies vaccination tags. Personal identification tags with the owner's name and telephone number are important. Microchipping you dog is invaluable to get your pet home quickly. No method of identification is perfect. The best thing you can do to protect your dog is to be a responsible owner . Keep current identification tags on your dog at all times, consider microchipping as reinforcement and keep it updated with your correct contact information, and never allow your dog to roam free. If your dog does become lost, more identification can increase the odds of finding your beloved companion.