Furry Fursday: Meet Louise!

Adventures and snuggles are promised

January 11, 2018

Meet Louise!
Louise is the kind of dog who will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with her loving personality and sweet kisses. She’s a curious and playful 2-year-old who would be the perfect adventure partner to explore new and exciting spots around town. Her active personality makes her a great workout buddy and her affectionate way of being puts the cherry on top of her perfect personality! Add in a few treats and some cuddles at the end of the day and Louise will be your greatest admirer. Be warned, because after just a few moments, Louise will have you wrapped around her paw as well! Meet her at the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center today.



Frantic for Foster Parents!

The Humane Society of Greater Miami's Foster Care Program provides temporary housing and care for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who aren't quite ready for adoption. A loving home like yours allows us to continue helping these animals in need of a little extra time and care. A foster parent assumes the responsibility of caring for an orphaned pet until it is physically and socially ready to be adopted into a permanent and loving home.

Examples of animals that need foster care are: puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age; animals with special medical or behavioral needs; or mother animals with nursing litters. The Humane Society will provide all necessary food and supplies while you, the foster parent, provide the time, space, physical care, and social attention necessary for development of these special-needs animals.

Email foster@humanesocietymiami.org or call 305-749-1818 for more information or to get involved.