Furry Fursday: Meet Lista

The newest face of the grumpy cat

July 27, 2017

Meet Lista! 

Ever heard of RGCF? Resting Grumpy Cat Face? Well that’s Lista! And although it may look otherwise, Lista is actually begging for a head scratch and some attention! This girl has the ultimate sass and class. She poses, she gazes with her bright green eyes, and she steals your heart with affectionate purrs. You could make Lista’s day with some gentle pats, or maybe get her a little riled up with her favorite mouse toy.

This vivacious girl is only six years old and is looking for a family she can share her loving sass with every day! Come visit the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center and see if you can spot her expressive face for yourself, then be sure to give our girl some of those head scratches she adores oh-so-much.


Free Spay/Neuter for Low-Income Residents

Have you heard about the FREE spay and neuter services available for the pets of low-income residents of Miami-Dade?

Anyone currently receiving government assistance benefits(this includes WIC, SSI, Food Stamps and Medicaid) can get their dog or cat spayed or neutered absolutely FREE. Not only will the pets be fixed for free, but your pet will also receive a free rabies vaccine with the surgery. If you have not yet made an appointment for your pet, you will want to act fast because this offer will expire after September 30th!

These free services are available at the Miami-Dade County Community Spay Neuter Clinic in Cutler Bay located at 10700 SW 211 Street. The clinic is open Tuesday through Saturday and you can call 305-749-1854 or visit our website, www.humanesocietymiami.org, to make an appointment. Do not miss your chance to receive these worthwhile services for your pet; make your appointment today!

This is a Miami-Dade Animal Services no kill project in partnership with the Humane Society of Greater Miami.