Furry Fursday: Meet Hailey

This Labrador/Shar-pei mix is looking for a face to kiss

July 13, 2017

Meet Hailey!

Hailey is a five-year-old Labrador/Chinese Shar-Pei mix who was initially transferred to our shelter from Broward back in 2012 and then returned by her adopter in late 2016 because they did not have time for her anymore.

Gorgeous looks with an even more beautiful personality to boot; that’s our girl Hailey! Hailey is a five-year-old Labrador/Chinese Shar-Pei mix with a sweet and shy personality that is sure to win over your heart. Are you into yoga? Hailey would be the perfect four-legged partner to keep that Zen in your life as she will always stick by your side and even help you perfect your downward-facing dog pose. Or are you more of a traveler who loves to get out and explore the world? Hailey would definitely be the perfect furry companion to bring along as she will run and dig up new treasures with you! After a long hike, what would be better than a relaxing swim and a loving cuddle to finish the perfect day with an even more perfect doggie! Hailey is a simple girl who simply wants a human she can love and cherish; someone who will love her unconditionally in return. If you are ready for a furry “paw”tner that will make each day more special, visit the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center and seal the deal with huggable, lovable Hailey!


Adoption Ambassador Program

Animal lovers will really love taking our doggies around town as part of the Adoption Ambassador Program, a special foster care program for select dogs that need extra help meeting their new family – like Hailey! Adoption ambassadors are urged to take out the special dogs of the program to meet potential forever families. Take them to doggie friendly places like beaches, parks or restaurants. You can also join us at Humane Society of Greater Miami outreach events at which the doggie has the chance to get adopted as well, like yappy hours! In addition to all standard foster care supplies normally supplied (food, bowls, toys, bedding and a crate), Adoption Ambassador dogs go home with an “Adopt Me” collar, leash and vest.

The great thing about the Adoption Ambassador Program is that once the pet get acclimated to the home environment of their Adoption Ambassador, their true personality will emerge. As the ambassador spends more time with the doggie, they, in turn, will learn more about the pet. This helps the Adoption Ambassador learn what kind of home is best for the doggie when they are out and about meeting potential adopters. It is a great way to help a pet find a forever, loving home while also giving it more social and human interactions it would have otherwise not received in the shelter.

Another great way to tell the world about your Adoption Ambassador dog is to share the adorable pictures and videos you take of the pet on your social media pages. Put a funny story about them on your Facebook page and let your friends and family know they are available for adoption. Take a selfie with your four-legged friend and use hashtags like #adoptable or #adoptdontshop to make sure the pet-loving community can see him/her. Or feature a video of you playing with your pet on your personal YouTube channel. There are so many ways to get creative and get the word out there for your Adoption Ambassador doggie in need of a forever home!

To learn more about joining the program, please contact our Foster Care Coordinator atfoster@humanesocietymiami.org or by calling 305-749-1818.