Furry Fursday: Meet Googly Boogly!

August 31, 2017

Meet Googly Boogly
Googly Boogly is a two-year-old American bulldog mix with a soft, beautiful coat, twinkling eyes and a stunning smile sure to steal your heart!

Beauty is in the eye of the adopter of Googly Boogly! Isn’t that how the saying goes? If not, it should be because Googly Boogly is the total package of looks who will instantly turn your day from good to great! But Googly is not just a looker; he is a real lover, too! When you get to know this brown-eyed beauty, you become the apple of his eye and he lets you know it by giving you the best hugs and most precious kisses you have ever had. Unfortunately, when you see Googly Boogly at the shelter, his true personality does not emerge until you take him out of his room for a proper introduction. He would really love to give you his paw and a good sniff to get to know you. Once he does, a wagging tail and jumps for affection are sure to follow. Googly Boogly is ready for a family he can finally call his own FOREVER! A family who can show him true love is worth waiting for.

Googly Boogly is one of this month’s Dolly’s Dream dogs! Dolly’s Dream is a program aimed toward connecting square-headed dogs with their perfect human companions. When you choose to adopt a Dolly’s Dream dog for a reduced adoption fee of only $39.99, you and your new furry best friend will also receive the following:

  • Training crate
  • No-pull harness
  • Leash
  • Collar (branded)
  • Personalized ID tag
  • Training treat bag
  • Two(2) chew toys
  • One(1) ball
  • Six(6) months of heartworm prevention
  • Food and water bowls
  • Specialty shampoo
  • Pet insurance 30-day trial

A total value of $350!



Bark Around Town Program

The Bark Around Town program is a great program that allows you to be a foster for just one day as you take out one of our doggies to enjoy a day out on the town. The ambassadors of this program take a doggie to pet-friendly places like restaurants, beaches, parks and Humane Society of Greater Miami adoption events. By taking doggies like Googly Boogly out to these places, you are giving them more chances to meet potential adopters and forever families. At the same time, the doggies will be exposed to more social settings, allowing them to mature socially. After a fun and exciting day out, member of the Bark Around Town program will return the doggie to the shelter. This makes the program ideal for those looking to help a doggie find a home, but cannot necessarily take the pet into their home for extended periods of time.

To learn more about the Bark Around Town Program visit our website at www.humanesocietymiami.org under the Programs: Foster Care section.