Furry Fursday: Meet Choco

He knows sit, stay, fetch and cuddle.

May 11, 2017

Meet Choco!

Choco is a 3 year old Labrador Retriever/Doberman Pinscher mix who was found roaming Miami Beach as a stray back in June 2016.

Choco is an amazing dog who is the perfect combination of playful, affectionate and very intelligent. He knows the commands: sit, stop, stay, heel and lay down. After you get him to do his commands, he’ll fetch a tennis ball like no one’s business. He can run far and wide just to catch the tennis ball and bring it back to you so that he can play some more. At the end of the day, this loyal dog will cuddle up next to you on the couch, bed or anywhere he knows he is allowed to lay on. He just wants to be close to you and feel the love! Choco gets along with other dogs after having a proper introduction and even behaves well around cats. Could you think of a more perfect dog?


Large Dogs Looking for Homes

The Humane Society’s Soffer and Fine Adoption Center has many cats and dogs available for adoption every day. At the moment, however, there is an overabundance of LARGE DOGS in need of homes. Some of these large dogs have been at the shelter for more than a year and are still waiting to meet their forever families. These dogs have amazing personalities. We have a great variety: some are playful and energetic, some are calm and sweet, some are couch potatoes who just want to lay by your side- and everything in between! They just need families who will understand their needs as large dogs.

One big contributor to large dogs constantly being surrendered to the shelter: people will adopt dogs as puppies without considering the size the puppy will reach once he/she is full grown. Therefore, once the puppy is too large to handle, the owners surrender them to the shelter. How can we prevent this? Spaying and neutering plays a key role in preventing unwanted litters from being born and ending up homeless. But we can only do it together as a community! Please help spread the word on the animals that so desperately need homes and about the services available in your community to fix your pet.