Furry Fursday: Meet Chichi!

This senior citizen needs some cuddling

September 21, 2017

Meet Chichi! 

Chichi is a 9-year-old Miniature Smoothed Haired Dachshund with lots of pep. This little guy is a sweetheart who will show his appreciation with a constant wagging tail! Chichi LOVES to visit our dog park on nice days and check out all the different smells, and would enjoy being your pal for easy strolls around the neighborhood. Afterward, he would look forward to a nap with his human, cuddled up right next to you. Chichi is a great option for a senior looking for some love and companionship, or a quiet family atmosphere where he can enjoy lots of love and plenty of time on a warm lap. He is already housetrained and knows some tricks like ‘lay down’ and ‘roll over’. He also gets along with other dogs and children! Could you ask for a more perfect dog? Meet Chichi, your new best friend, at the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center or call305-696-0800 for more details on this charming doggie!


The Advantages of Adopting a Senior Pet

It is very common for people to look for a puppy when searching for a furry companion to adopt into the family. But older dogs can be just as cute and lovable as puppies, and they often come with many wonderful qualities that puppies take years to grow into. Older dogs are open books; from the start, you'll know important things like their full-grown size, personality and grooming requirements. All this information makes it easier to pick the right dog and make that instant love connection that will last a lifetime. Many older dogs are already trained, too, so adopting a senior pet will save you a lot of time and energy that you'd normally have to dedicate towards training a young dog. Senior pets are also a great addition for families who live a more calm and laid back lifestyle, or are looking for a companion for either themselves or other pets. So what are you waiting for? Unleash the love of a senior pet today!