Furry Fursday: Meet Bobo

Senior dog seeking someone to take naps with

January 12, 2017


Bobo is the world’s most laid back dog. This six-year-old Shih Tzu mix really enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like a cuddle on the couch or a stroll around the park with his human companion. He also just really loves taking a nap. He would be a great addition to a senior family who is looking for a fur-ever companion who will love them unconditionally. Bobo would love to meet a family he can just kick back and relax with; a family who will love him forever, too.

Want Bobo to be part of your family? Contact the Humane Society of Greater Miami at 305-696-0800.


Adoption Ambassador Program

Animal lovers will really love taking our doggies around town as part of the Adoption Ambassador Program, a special foster care program for select dogs that need extra help meeting their new family. Many of the pets in the program have been at the shelter for several months, and even more than a year, without any luck in meeting their perfect match. Adoption ambassadors are urged to take out the special dogs of the program to meet potential forever families. Take them to doggie friendly places like beaches, parks or restaurants. You can also join us at Humane Society of Greater Miami outreach events at which the doggie has the chance to get adopted as well, like yappy hours! Post the pet on your social media to give them even more exposure to potential adopters.

In addition to all standard foster care supplies normally supplied(food, bowls, toys and bedding), Adoption Ambassador dogs go home with an “Adopt Me” vest and leash. It is a great way to help a pet find a forever, loving home while also giving it more social and human interactions it would have otherwise not received in the shelter.