Furry Fursday: Meet Bio

March 16, 2017


If you are looking for absolute purr-fection in a kitty companion, Bio is your boy! This four-year-old feline is an all-around great pet to adopt into your family to bring so much love for so many years. Bio loves to spend as much time as possible with his human. He will wait at the door for you until you come in and once you do, he is ready to smother you with love! Welcoming purrs and swipes at your legs will let you know that he wants you to carry him. Once you pick him up, you will never want to let go. In your arms, Bio will give you precious nuzzles and lick your face with unlimited kisses. He is an amazing hugger and a total lap cat. He just wants to make sure you are always close by. Bio has a small skin condition that has caused him to lose some hair, but as long as he keeps a healthy diet and receives lots of TLC, he is just as healthy and happy as the rest of the kitties. This incredible boy still has so many years to live and so much love to give! Meet him at the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center today and get ready to fall head over heels!



Kitten Season and Foster Care

At the Humane Society of Greater Miami, there are constantly kitties brought to our shelter in need of attention and forever homes. However, there is a specific time of year when the number of kittens (many neonatal - under six weeks of age) increases significantly. This time is what we refer to as “Kitten Season” and it occurs around early spring through late fall. In Miami, kitten season approaches very quickly due to the comparatively hot temperatures we experience. The dozens and dozens of kittens brought to our shelter at this time, and throughout the year, are so young that they require more attention and care than older kittens and cats and, thus, need a Foster Hero to care for them.

Foster care is necessary to keep all of these kitties alive and in good health and we need as many foster parents as possible. Our foster care program prepares all foster parents in every way possible to give them the necessary materials and knowledge about caring for the kittens while they grow and develop in their homes. We will teach foster parents how to bottle feed, what needs the kittens have and how to properly care for them during the crucial time in their lives. We also supply the foster parents with the necessary supplies like blankets, bottles, formula, etc. The extra step from each foster parent is TLC and love!