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Disney is Removing All Movies From Netflix

By: Kelly Meyers

August 9, 2017

Sorry, Netflix! It's not you, it's totally Disney's fault you are splitting up. 

If you like to watch any Disney movies or Disney branded TV shows on Netflix enjoy them while you can because as of 2019 Disney is dumping its deal with Netflix. 

But don't worry, you'll still be able to stream them but using Disney's own streaming service. According to sources, this will be a big hit to Netflix. Disney provides a lot of new (and nostalgic fan favorites) to the insanely popular streaming service.

With more and more people dumping cable TV, Disney decided to get into the streaming game too. This is really where the market is heading, and many say that it makes sense for Disney to take advantage of their own services.

Also, ESPN content will be put on its own streaming service as well. This service is set to launch early 2018. 

Netflix stock took a hit with the announcement, but the streaming service continues to create new original content that becomes huge hits. I think it's safe to say Netflix will be fine after the split with Disney!