Zak Brian/SIPA

This Cat That Looks Like Friends' Ross Gellar Takes the Internet by Storm

By: Joe Hyer

February 28, 2017

It may have taken the internet a few weeks, but they’ve finally solved one of life's greatest mysteries. This cat, which took Twitter by storm earlier this winter, looks just like the character from Friends, Ross Gellar.

Wait. So this is REALLY a thing? Yes. Yes it is. So Twitter user wtrprks posted two photos of her cat saying “my cat is so ugly” in the middle of January.

The post sort of went viral, if you will. It's the internet. So, naturally, all things cat-related go viral. The tweet currently has 13,000 retweets and more than 19,000 likes, but something was missing. Users everywhere wondered: there is SOMETHING familiar about this "ugly cat." What is it?

Then just a few days ago, one Twitter user solved the mystery.  Twitter user gratiartis asked, “Why does this cat look like Ross Gellar?”

YES. That's it. Mystery solved. Wow, that cat totally DOES look like Ross Gellar.