3 Recipes You Absolutely NEED For Your Weekend

By: Joe Hyer

March 10, 2017

This is going to be a tough weekend. We're going to lose an hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Saving Time. So we're going to drown our sorrows with these awesome recipes.

We have rounded up three recipes that you NEED to see this weekend. We've got everything you need right here. A great entree, a delectable dessert, and we'll help you wash it down with an awesome cocktail. 

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake​ (via Tasty)
Let's start with dessert this weekend. It's been a long week, you deserve it. This one looks good even if you're not a fan of cheesecake, right? Chocolate may be one of the best cures possible after a long (and difficult) work week. 

One-Pot Cheesy Pasta Bake (via MyRecipes
We all know that doing dishes can be one of the worst parts about cooking. That is probably especially true on the weekend, right? Plus, we totally approve of ANYTHING that involves a lot of cheese and only requires one pot to make.

The Paralyzer (via Tipsy Bartender)
This drink's name is a little intimidating, but it includes Kahlúa. So we're excited to try this. Doesn't it look SUPER tasty?