Woman Gives Birth During High-Speed Police Chase

April 26, 2020

Photo credit (Getty Images)

Tiny Ilina Head made a speedy entrance into the world.

The newborn girl was born in the passenger seat of her parents’ Ford Fiesta in Bristol, England, reported the New York Post.

This happened as her father sped to the hospital at speeds up to 90 mph while being chased by police.

Marie Head gave birth in her husband Ilian’s car as he sped through red lights with two police cars behind him in pursuit. The couple’s 2-year-old daughter was also in the back seat of the vehicle.

Officers followed them in a high-speed chase for 10 miles until the husband pulled into St. Michael’s Hospital in Bristol, England. Once he pulled into the hospital’s parking lot the cops blocked their car with their vehicles. Illian stepped out with his hands in the air and said, “My wife’s had a baby.”

“It was a miracle I was able to give birth while we were swerving across the road and speeding to the hospital,” his wife said.

The cops called off the chase after they learned what had happened. A police spokesperson said “no further action was taken” and the department wished the couple well.

Meanwhile, being pregnant during this pandemic can be nerve-wracking on parents without a police pursuit in play, especially those who are close to giving birth.

Some hospitals are not allowing visitors in any wards, while some will make exceptions for specific situations, like support visitors for women giving birth.

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