Happy Birthday, JLo! 8 of the Lopez-Rodriguez Family's Cutest At-Home Moments

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been making the most of their time at home with the kids.

July 24, 2020

What can we say about Jennifer Lopez that hasn’t already been said?

She’s the fliest girl of the fly girls, she’s queen of the box office, and in case you forgot, she absolutely crushed it this year in her Super Bowl halftime show performance with Shakira.

While JLo was able to celebrate her fiftieth birthday in style with her “It’s My Party” tour, this year because of the pandemic Jenny from the Block has been spending a lot more time at home with the family.

Between at-home baseball games and backyard concerts, the Lopez-Rodriguez crew has managed to stay busy and find fun ways to enjoy each other’s company. Here are 8 of our favorite at-home moments from this year.

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